We started it several years ago from sounding the ideas among us. From one discussion to another. From one debate to another. Coming up with ideas and trying to make them a dream-come-true really needs a long and winding process. However the binding of a strong willingness of making something useful and profitable has kept us stick to the ground. At last, we wrapped up ARTO and Cika system as the final conclusion. We have run since then.

Starting in 2012, we have been focusing on being the assistant of our customers. We understand that only being side by side with the customers can we make a success. We will try to be at any service to our customers. Giving the best service is more than any other else to us.

We believe that the advance of information through the Net can be the critical point in a success of business. To fill in the opportunity, we offer the service such as Web Hosting, Cloud Service, and High Performance Computing. Those are three basic need of a nowaday business, either a small or a large scale business.

We, at ARTO, are your business partner. Being a part of your success is our only intention. Grow with us and being success with us.

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