• April 26, 2012
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Dublin, Ireland and San Francisco, USA - 24 April, 2012: The City of Amsterdam today announced the successful deployment of JasperReports Server from Jaspersoft, maker of the world's most widely used business intelligence (BI) software. Assisting with the selection and installation of Jaspersoft's solution and the implementation of the civic project was leading Netherlands-based IT and consultancy firm, Ordina.

"The City of Amsterdam's decision to replace its existing system was driven by cost as much as by effectiveness," said Ruud Heemskerk, project leader at Ordina. In a bid to create more time and resources with improved IT processes, an initiative was put forward by the City of Amsterdam's Physical Planning Department (DRO) and the Department of Infrastructure, Traffic and Transport (DIVV) to install a better, real-time interactive financial- and project- reporting system.

"The municipality mandated that the chosen solution be open source to fulfill government objectives, with low license costs per user so that it would be affordable enough to roll out to 500 users," explained Heemskerk. "It also needed to be user-friendly with the possibility to directly input data into interactive, real-time planning and forecasting reports. There were other criteria to consider as well, mainly a proven, enterprise solution which could be customized and installed easily. Jaspersoft's product met all of these requirements."

Working closely with the City of Amsterdam, Ordina rolled out the solution to 500 users, providing project managers with real-time information from financial, project and planning systems. "We have been very impressed with the Jaspersoft software," said Heemskerk. "As it is highly customizable, we were able to create tailored planning and forecasting fields which means that the data is truly enriched. I have used a wide range of business and business intelligence (BI) software and Jaspersoft is amongst the best."

Chris van Zanten, project leader of DIVV, was also impressed with the system's ease-of-use "We now have an unambiguous structure," he said. "All our variables are recorded in the financial system, which we control and use for reporting. This functionality provides a clear structure that ensures the reliability of the information. We also have access to multiple systems to help us easily integrate reports. There are many other user-friendly features, such as the click-through to view underlying detail capabilities and access to digital documents such as invoices and delivery notes with quotations. We now have everything we need in one system."

The solution's low licensing fees have also saved money for the municipality. "By deliberately choosing open source, we have lowered licensing costs and broadened the availability of the system for our users," says Jos Vegting, controller at DIVV. "It's an effective and inexpensive information system that's used by over 500 employees."

The successful project recently won IT Europa's European Software Excellence Award in the BI category, shining a public spotlight on the success of the city's investment. "The prize is a great encouragement for the further development of the system," adds Vegting. "It shows that we are investing in something that is benefiting the public in a very efficient and cost-effective way."

Commenting on the successful implementation of the software, Jaspersoft's Tom Cahill said "We are very pleased that the City of Amsterdam has been able to quickly reap the benefits of our technology. Like so many of our other clients, the municipality has witnessed firsthand the multitude of helpful options that Jaspersoft Reports Server can offer to improve processes. We are confident that our software will continue to provide the business support that the City of Amsterdam requires and at a fraction of the cost of other vendors. This is a win-win solution which will always pay dividends for today and tomorrow's business needs."

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